Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box

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    1x Factory-sealed box of 30 Zendikar Rising Set Boosters.

    Set Boosters are an exciting new product featuring the following distribution:

    1. Art Card (5% chance of gold signature of the artist)
    2. Land Card (15% chance of foil)
    3. 6 x Commons/Uncommons with a connected theme
    4. Common/Uncommon with unique treatment such as showcase .
    5. Anything from Common to Mythic Rare card
    6. Rare or Mythic Rare
    7. Common to Mythic Rare Foil
    8. Marketing Card/Token Card (25% chance of a card from "The List")

    Receive all promos that Wizards announces will come with each box while stocks last

      - $189.00

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