Ultra Pro Premium Baseball Leatherette Binder 9-Pocket

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    1x Ultra Pro Premium Baseball Leatherette Binder 9-Pocket

    This baseball-themed Premium PRO-Binder features hand sewn red stitching on leatherette white front cover to capture the theme of your valuable baseball card collection. It also has “Baseball Collectors Album” and the Ultra PRO logo debossed on the front cover. The pages in the album are archival safe, non-PVC polypropylene pages with 9-pocket per page. The pockets are designed as side-loading pockets to keep cards clean and in place and an elastic strap keeps the entire binder secure when you’re on the go to your local hobby shop. The album has 20 pages and can hold up to 180 standard size cards. Clear pages lets you easily view the front and back of your cards. (cards not included)

    • Executive style white leatherette padded cover with unique red baseball stitching design
    • Secure elastic closure strap keeps the binder shut while in transit
    • Non-PVC, ultra-clear archival-safe polypropylene pages
    • Side-loading pockets keeps cards from falling out the top of the binder
    • Holds up to 180 standard size (2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″) trading cards

    White Baseball - $39.00

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