Magic the Gathering 2021 Challenger Deck (Approx 26/03/21)

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    1x Factory sealed Challenger Deck 2020

    Magic: The Gathering
     2021 Challenger Decks are based on top-level competitive decks. These decks are perfect for players who want to dive into competing in Standard events.

    Each of these four decks are complete with a ready-to-play 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard, ready for adjustments between games and a variety of play styles.


    • 60-card deck
    • 15-card sideboard
    • 5 double-sided tokens
    • Deck box
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        Dimir Rogues - $45.00
        Mono-Green Stompy - $39.00
        Mono-Red Aggro - $39.00

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