*Limit 4* Dragon Ball Super Special Anniversary Box 2021 (Approx August 2021)

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    1x Factory sealed random Dragon Ball Super Special Anniversary Box 2021. Purchase four to receive one of each design.

    Reinforcement cards for previous sets! Lots of support included for popular decks of DBS’ past! Fun decks like Launch & Saibaiman receive help as well as competitive player favorites including Goku’s Lineage and Goku Black decks! Set 2 Zamasu deck makes a comeback for long-time fans!

    Fourth Anniversary Themed Deck Archetype! For DBSCG’s Fourth Anniversary comes cards for a special new deck! This deck makes a new archetype based on previously released characters with the theme of “4”! This product’s sole Leader Card will also be part of this theme, making their Leader debut!

    Popular cards are back in Alt Art designs! Useful cards from previous sets come back in Alt Art designs! Long-awaited Draft Box 04 cards and more reprints essential to the latest meta environment are coming back with alternate art designs! This time will include various designs like last year’s ever-popular ink wash painting, and brand new cel-brush artwork that fans and collectors won’t want to miss!

    Special Anniversary Box 2021 contents:
    Special Anniversary Set 2021 × 1 set
    35 new cards ×2 cards=70 cards
    normal / 35 types
    Storage Box 4 types to collect.

    *Contents and packaging subject to change

      Random 1 - $84.00
      Random 2 - $84.00
      Random 3 - $84.00
      Random 4 - $84.00

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