*Limit 2* Digimon English Series 01 Starter Deck ST03 Heaven's Yellow

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    1x Digimon CCG English Series 01 Starter Deck ST-3 Heaven's Yellow

    Get the hot new Digimon CCG @ PGS! Receive any purchase promo cards from Bandai while they last.

    This starter deck focuses on Patamon and the partner Digimon of T. K. Takaishi.

    This deck has excellent control ability to weaken the opponent’s DP (Digimon Power).
    It leads to evolution to the ultimate body while restoring security (shields)! There are many excellent defense cards!!

    Each starter deck contains:
    1x Constructed Deck
    1x Booster Pack (Ver.1.0)
    2x Memory Gauge

    The set contains 187 different cards
    Common ×69
    Uncommon ×50
    Rare ×45
    Super Rare ×20
    Secret Rare ×3

    *Final packaging and contents may differ

    - $19.00

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