Dragon Ball Super Game Masters Beyond Generations Zenkai Series EX Set 07 Collector's Booster [B24-C] (Approx 22/03/24)

Dragon Ball Super Game Masters Beyond Generations Zenkai Series EX Set 07 Collector's Booster [B24-C] (Approx 22/03/24)

Dragon Ball Super Game Masters Beyond Generations Zenkai Series EX Set 07 Collector's Booster [B24-C] (Approx 22/03/24)

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1x Factory sealed Dragon Ball Super Game Masters Beyond Generations Zenkai Series EX Set 07 Collector's Booster [B24-C] 

The ultimate collector's booster is here! All cards are gorgeously shining with exclusive illustrations. This is a must-item for competitive players who want to build decks with the highest rarity!

1/ Includes one double-sided holo version of one of the nine different leaders from the Z07 as a box topper. 

2/ At least one SR rarity card is guaranteed! (One of the SR, SPR, or SCR cards will be included). Also included are three SCRs from Z07 with alternative art. These special illustrations are available exclusively on this product.

3/ This set features a special, exclusive collector‘s booster limited card with a new design, in contrast to the original holo cards that first appeared in the previous set. Don't miss out on this chance to get the legendary card that will forever remain in the history of DBSCG!

1 booster pack includes 12 cards

  • 236 Types Total
  • ・Common (silver foil ver.) x60
  • ・Uncommon (silver foil ver.)x30
  • ・Rare (silver foil ver.) x29
  • ・Super Rare x18
  • ・Special Rare x14
  • ・Secret Rare x3
  • ・Special Leader Rare x9
  • ・Exclusive Illustration (silver foil ver.) ×36
  • ・Exclusive Illustration (holo ver.) ×33
  • ・Exclusive Illustration SCR (holo ver.) x3
  • ・Exclusive illustration (new holo ver.) ×1

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