Opus XI Booster Box

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    1x Factory sealed box of 36 Final Fantasy Opus XI boosters.

    Final Fantasy TCG Opus XI - Soldier's Return
    Pre release weekend 21-22nd March 2020 | Release date 27th March 2020

    The Year of Final Fantasy VII
    Opus 11 includes many fan favourite cards focusing on characters from the soon to be remade FINAL FANTASY VII
    It also features more of our much loved full art cards like 11 127 L Cloud and 11 130 L Sephiroth, making it an appealing prospect for all players and collectors alike!

    A Renewed FFTCG Experience | New “COUNTER" Mechanic
    OPUS XI is a game changer and brings an exciting addition in the form of specific “counters" which can be placed over certain Characters to trigger varied effects
    This ushers in never before seen tactical possibilities, with Characters able to gain and use new abilities on the fly or change their status depending on the number of counters placed on them!

    Product Specifications:
    Standard Cards 130
    Premium Cards: 160 (including 20 full arts)
    Each pack contains 12 cards
    One box contains 36 individual packs
    Each pack includes one premium card

    - $172.00

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