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Weekend Arena Showdown #1
Magic: The Gathering

Welcome to the very first PGS-run Arena tournament! Our first tournament will be Standard and will be occurring THIS WEEKEND! You have until Friday midnight to purchase your ticket online and we will be starting the first round on Saturday.

Entry: $10

Round 1 starts: Saturday 12am

Round 2 starts: Saturday 6pm

Round 3 starts: Sunday 12pm

I've also set up a Discord server for everyone to join so that you can talk with your opponent whilst you play and make it easier to organise game times with people you are playing. Join here: https://discord.gg/4Csd4k

Please let me know any feedback you have on the tournament, as I am open to trying different things, whether that be brawl, historic, magic online or even webcam games!

Entry will be $10 and you will receive a booster pack or $5 store credit per match win, just like our regular tournaments. I will also be giving out a free Theros Beyond Death Promo Pack to EVERY participant, as well as a premium pack to the top 2. I also have some extra Throne of Eldraine promo packs that I might give away for a bunch of random stuff, like cool decks, streaming your matches, sick plays or just being pretty cool!


Your username for Arena. To find this, click the profile tab and it will be in the top left. Please include the hash and the numbers after it.

The email account you use for discord. If you don't have discord then write N/A and we can get you setup on the server once its ready.

Please enter the decklist you will be running for the event. If you have any changes before the event then please let Andrew know via facebook or email me at andrew@progamers.com.au

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